The Possibilities ?

What do you do with a mine site at the end of it's life.

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The Possibilities

A mine at the end of its life, usually requires large amounts of backfill and rehabilitation. What if, we could repurpose it, and turn it into a vibrant and sustainable community.
Electrical and road infrastructure currently form the basis of existing mine sites and can be repurposed into a new industry hub.
Open cut pits would provide a new water storage, for agricultural enterprise and hydroelectricity. Solar Electricity farms combined with horticulture are a way to provide jobs and the sale of excess electricity to pay for community facilities.
Electricity could be used to power vehicles and machinery within the community adding to the sustainability of transportation
Modern solar farms built above ground provide shade house conditions underneath to grow food crops and the rainwater can be collected for use in crop irrigation.
As mine sites follow mineral seams, they are often in close proximity to other sites, if we could interlink these repurposed water storage sources, we can create green corridors in areas that are usually arid. These green corridors become a flora and fauna safety net, encouraging sustainability and biodiversity.

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